Friday, September 11, 2009

Pioneers Park

We went to Pioneers Park this morning to feed the geese. Joel got on an earlier flight and will be home in the afternoon instead of late this evening. We all can't wait for daddy to come home.

There were lots of ducks and geese. Sometimes the kids loose interest before they are done with their bread. Today they were totally into it. I should have brought more bread.

Ethan had fun eating the bread and watching the geese.

He would get too close to them and then run and hide behind my legs

Sassy sauce pants holding a crab apple

The kids had a good time climbing the crab apple trees. They would gather the apples and throw them to the geese.

Ethan, swinging from a tree branch. He did it so many times but it was hard to catch his picture.

The kids with their piles of crab apples. Surprisingly they weren't too bitter.

When Joel got home we picked our watermelon. We were waiting until he got home. The kids were pretty excited - not giving him an inch to cut it.

Yes, Evie's doing the watermelon dance in her skibbies


It was juice dripping down his arm good

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