Monday, September 21, 2009

Hanging at Michelle's

While Joel and Clarke were at Big Ring Cycles in Golden doing a Tomac Bikes demo day the kids and I spent the afternoon at my cousin Michelle's house in Commerce City.

Ethan was stoked to ride on their bikes. They have a nice neighborhood. It's only 6 years old. The style reminded me of So Cal.

Evie and Maggie are so similar. They both run around in princess dresses all day but are very much tomboys.

Maggie turns 3 tomorrow (Sunday).

Ethan, just inching along...

Elijah and Ethan

The boys were just chilling having a snack.

Ethan was force feeding his crackers to Michelle and I. We didn't mind, they were good.

Happy birthday sleeping beauty.

The kids and I eventually picked Joel up in Golden (its a long story of getting lost with the kids) and headed to our hotel in Denver.

The kids had fun jumping on the beds. They certainly made themselves at home.

I was surprised that Evie could actually jump from bed to bed.
The hotel was really nice (thanks to, it's the only way we can stay in nice hotels). The next day we saw a sign saying they spent 70 million in renovations this past year.

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