Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet and Shriek at the zoo

We're on our way to the zoo for a pre-Halloween party. The kids are both eating suckers. I didn't know there would be candy there. I just read that it would be games, etc. They had their share of candy today...

This was the first person dressed up for Halloween that Evie encountered when we go to the zoo. And she was way too much fun. She had so much energy - Evie was totally drawn to her.

This game the kids had to find the eyeball under the coffin as the lady in the M&M costume tried to fool them. We play this with Evie on our long plane flights and at restaurants so she seemed happy to play something familiar.

Ethan showing off his loot. A dentist office was giving away tooth brushes and toothpaste and healthy snacks. They loaded up the kids.

Evie and Ethan were showing their witch friend their loot. Ethan just does what ever Evie does.

Playing a bag toss

Evie and her cousin Claudia

The girls were playing hide and seek. They hid in this Egg and tried to quietly wait for Delphina to find them.

Oh, the Joy of being a kid. They were so excited when Delphina found them.

Evie touching the hissing cockroach.

Delphina burying Evie in the sand at the dinosaur dig. It was a good day. Perfect weather and the zoo wasn't too busy.

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  1. Aunt Lizzy has to keep a hissing cockroach as part of her UNL clss. If it dies, they could flunk the class. Yikes. I think I'd want to spray it with Raid.