Friday, October 22, 2010

Roca Pumpkin Patch

Joel is home after a long trip to Taiwan. This evening, the weather was perfect for checking out the Roca Pumpkin Farm. A favorite for the kids.

The kids spent the first half hour running around the characters at the candy land.
Ethan was drawn to this Molasses Monster. He said "Uh Oh, poo poo mama" "yucky"

There were quite a few new things for the kids this year. This castle slide was one of them. It was a huge hit with Ethan. He ran up that hill and down the slide at least 10 times.

Yes, of course daddy had to check it out

Evie was trying to walk on top of the slide and took a huge tumble. She was covered in dry grass.
Ethan then thought he could roll down the hill also...

Evie of course loved princess frosteen

...and lord licorice

Ethan had the best ride. Joel's great idea after he realized there wasn't enough room on his lap for Ethan and pedal

Ethan could barely reach the pedals but he is a determined little guy. He did make it around the track by himself.

Evie is so drawn to scary Halloween stuff. She was too scared to go in (which I'm glad for. I didn't want her to be scared) but she couldn't stop looking at the haunted house and stepping inside the doorway.

A fun afternoon!!!!

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  1. Today's Journal Star has a pumpkin that just won the Guiness World record for largest pumpkin. I believe they said 1800 pounds. You could make a few pumpkin pies with that one.