Saturday, October 16, 2010

last day at the zoo for the winter

It was a perfect fall day today so it's hard to believe it was also the last day the zoo is open until next spring. The kids love going to the zoo so I'm a bummed. Guess we'll have to make it to the zoo in Omaha more often this winter. Ethan loved his pony ride.

Ethan waited with Claudia while Evie and Delphina took turns on their pony ride.

Evie was all smiles

Ethan listening to what the groundhogs are up to

So 'Leo, the paper eating lion' is always a good way to clean the trash out my purse.

This little tree is next to Leo...and the sign hanging was cute. (see below) The tree didn't have any leaves on the lower branches. The kids were clearly feeding them to Leo.


  1. I can't believe Leo is still there. You kids fed him plenty of paper and leaves when you were little.

  2. I wonder how many times the zoo tried to start a tree next to Leo and generations of kids fed it to Leo. I'm am so glad the cousins all live so close and can get together.