Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Chalking

After school Evie and I drew with chalk. It was the perfect temp outside. I love the stories Evie comes up with when we draw. I know I post a lot of her drawings but they really make my day.

This is Rapunzel carrying a bag of treats.

This ballerina is holding her baby who is sucking on a pacifier and wearing a green diaper.

My story teller and artist

This momma ballerina is the one holding her baby and this is her daughter next to her who is walking her puppy.

This one was my favorite. It's like the girl has a skip in her step with her head to the side and her playful arms. It reminds me of Evie.


  1. What a wonderful artist. And look at her easle. A 15 x 15 foot pallet, just the right size.

  2. You have to take pictures of her drawings. You can't roll them up and put them in her memory box.

  3. I can't believe how "grown up" Evie looks already!
    Ethan looks bigger just in the last couple of months...thanks Carrie for keeping such great memories!