Friday, September 10, 2010

Ethan's first haircut

Ethan got his first haircut today. Well, Evie gave him his first haircut in Colorado but this is his first professional cut. He was a good boy and sat very still.

Evie is getting ready for her haircut also. I think this might be Evie's third haircut. She also cut her own hair in Colorado this summer. She has some pretty big chunks of hair missing from the back but luckily it hides well with the rest of her hair. The sides are harder not to notice.

We go to lollipops salon and the kids can play while it's not their turn. It works out well for all of us...I have even had my hair cut there before while the kids played.

Evie said "thank you, I look beautiful".

The kids think the best part is the balloons and the lollipops they get. Poor Ethan, he let his go when we were walking down the street after we got home. He was so sad to watch it float away. It made me sad to see his little lip out as he was pointing at his balloon.

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  1. What a big boy hair cut. Evie, you do look beautiful.