Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pumpkin fun

We decided to carve one of our pumpkins tonight. The kids took off their shirts so they could get their arms deep in the pumpkin without covering it in slime.

While Joel was carving the design Evie picked out the kids had fun painting one of the other pumpkins.

Joel, was trying to make a cat with whiskers for Evie.

Evie painted this little happy face on her tummy and then started to make a rainbow....

Their pretty pumpkin

After Evie painted on herself it gave the kids a wonderful idea....as you can see.

Evie painted Ethan's back and gave him a necklace

Ethan is painting Evie's fingernails.

Ethan is waiting patiently for Evie to paint his back

It's Evie's turn
Four cute pumpkins

Ethan holding the pumpkin top as his hat. You should have seen the bath water...instantly brown. I scrubbed the kids and had to run fresh water. They had a fun time and the paint washed off so easily. It was the perfect night to be outside too.

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  1. How cute. I think that's a great idea you let them be creative. Who knows they may be make up artist someday. I always think of the advertisement where the guys paints the different thing on his stomach. He actually started out on youtube. It all started with being able to paint pictures on his stomach.