Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's day and daddy's home

Evie surprised me with this cute picture hanging on the fridge, framed with her magnetic letters. We were working on a card for Grandma Potter and Evie said that she was going to draw me a picture and told me Happy Mother's Day (followed by lots of hugs and kisses). Not only did it make my morning but I was surprised she got it that it was mother's day for me too...

The best part of my day was when Joel arrived safely from his trip to Europe. I always hold my breath until he is on the ground and home safely. The kids had fun watching his plane land...

And they are just a little excited daddy is finally home too.

Evie's stoked; her best friend is home.

Our little monkey is mid-jump off the table between the chairs.

Ethan is calling daddy who is at baggage claim trying to locate his lost luggage. Joel also randomly left his cell phone on the plane and we got a call the next day saying they located his phone and it's on it's way to us via FedEx. Nice.

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  1. Great, both his luggage and phone made it.