Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joel's Germany trip

I thought I would share a few pictures Joel took of the Stadler bike shop in Berlin where he gave his first of many presentations this week. Joel would tell me about how big the Stadler bike shops are but it was eye opening to see the pictures. He said one of them was in an old Walmart building - if that helps give you perspective. Joel wrote the text attached to the pictures inside the store. He is in Reginsburg now, his third shop in three days.

Stadler bike shop - Berlin.

Two happy Tomac customers

One happy Tomac Bikes owner

Part of the Tomac Bikes display

This is the line of people waiting to pick up their new bikes. Stadler Berlin sold over 400 bikes on Sunday alone, and they promise to have any bike prepped and out the door in an hour.

With about 20 service bays, you think they could get it all handled, but there was about 500 bikes waiting.

A parts counter at a bike shop!!! Just for selling parts!!!

The nutrition section (bars/gels/drinks) was twice the size of Monkey Wrench Cycles in Lincoln.

Count them, 5 cash registers and there's a line for all of them. The Stadler Bistro is in the background Picture 6: New bikes waiting to be gone over before the customer can take them home.

Need a set of aftermarket wheels?

Or how about tires? I could not fit the entire tire section in one photo.

This was half of the kid's section

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