Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy May Day

We had so much fun making May Day baskets today. The kids were hard at work filling bags with goodies. Most of it wound up in their mouths or on the floor - but they had fun.

I didn't take pictures but my parents were the first to bring May Day baskets for the kids and they were so excited. They ate their candy in record time. Our neighborhood was having their garage sales this weekend so we walked with my parents to a few of them. It was fun.

I asked Evie to get dressed and we would deliver the baskets to the kids on our block and take her cousin's bags when Ethan wakes up from his nap. She came into the kitchen dressed in her dress up clothes and said "I'm ready to feed the neighbors, It's May Day". We had a good time delivering treats.
Laurie and her kids came over for dinner tonight. Kevin is out of town until Monday. Evie and Anderson are having fun with the May Day treat Laurie brought for the kids.

Anderson and Evie - if you couldn't tell, ha ha...

Ethan, Evie, Clare and Gabriel

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