Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween party at the Smith house

Halloween is such a fun holiday. We all enjoyed getting dressed up and eating lots and lots of candy.

We had an unusually warm Halloween this year. We enjoyed dinner before trick-or-treating.

Morgan and Maddie

Clare the mermaid and princess Delphina

Gabriel- the ghost with the two black eyes

Jeremy and Aubrey

Laurie, Louis the skunk and Kevin the safari guide

Mandy the Gypsy

Princess Claudia

Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and our little monkey

Yippee, lets go trick-or-treating...

Mandy, Kevin, Aubrey, Laurie and her little sleeping skunk and Elvis

Laurie and the Clark boys

my mom and dad (who get along pretty darn well for a cat and a dog)

The kids digging into their loot

mom and I

Ethan wearing grandma's cat ears


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  1. How on earth did I miss all of these updates!? I've got a lot of catching up to do!

    We had fun on Halloween! Thank you so much for hosting the extravaganza! :)