Sunday, November 8, 2009

Evie's preschool party

We celebrated Evie's Halloween party at her preschool which was also a going away party for her teacher, Miss Shannon. After conflicts with the new school director Miss Shannon sadly resigned. We will look for a new school for Evie when we get back from Taiwan. Miss Shannon was an excellent teacher and we also feel it it time for us to move on...

The kids enjoyed lots of fun activities. Here they are decorating their own cookies. Needless to say Evie nor Ethan ate lunch today.

Ethan joined the kids to decorate a cookie

Evie, fishing for a doughnut with Miss Shannon

Ethan and Joel decorating a trick-or-treat bag. The kids trick-or-treated in the school office after the party

Evie turning into a mummy

Joel turning Ethan into a mummy

Our little mummy, Evie

Song time with Miss Shannon

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  1. Looks fun! The building looks familiar. Is it the Methodist Church just off of A Street?