Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Hurrah at the Children's museum

We met the Clark's and the Tabors at the Children's Museum for Halloween Hurrah. The kids have fun dressing up and playing and of course 'trick-or-treating'

Clare and Evie

Evie, Gabriel and Delphina

Most of the gang; Clare, Anderson, Gabriel, Delphina, Claudia, Evie

Ethan scored lots of treats. He would just stand there until they put more treats in his bag. He is wearing Evie's costume from last brings back cute memories of Evie.

The girls gave Ethan a handful of candy and then another handful as he stood there looking cute...then...

...he just decided to help himself



Ethan and Delphina

Ethan chilling with Clare

Adorable little Louis is starting to set up all by himself
Joel and Evie

Ethan loved banging around on the piano. He did stop playing to say "cheese" for me though

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  1. I'm always afraid of those events (Boo, Hurrah) because they seem so crowded but you make it look so simple. Maybe we'll try one or two next year! :)