Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Neighborhood Easter egg hunt

We are at our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Ben, the guy you see in the black sweatshirt and his wife Maureen and their nine, yes nine, children organize the event and hide the eggs.

We are lucky to live in a neighborhood with lots of kids.

And she's off...

Ethan's off to a slow start but he's having fun with his empty bag...

Now he's getting the idea

Hey, how'd that get in there...

This is Ethan vigorously flinging the eggs out of his bag which is naturally the next step once he has put an egg in it.

Taking a break to enjoy some of her goodies

Once Evie had a piece of candy she basically stopped looking for eggs and just ate candy.

Our sweet neighbor Sarah is sharing one of Grace's eggs with Ethan

Evie, Grace and Ethan. Grace and Ethan are close in age and it's cute to see just how different they are being boy and girl. Grace is just this sweet little petite thing with this dainty voice and Ethan is a totally solid 22lbs and can keep up with his sister just fine in a yelling match.

Our good neighbors; Sarah, Grace and Mark (Mark grew up in Lincoln and he and his family just recently moved back after spending the past three years living in Thailand)

Ethan's getting his hustle on now that the hunt is over

After the egg hunt we were able to spend a few minutes chatting with the neighbors. The past few years it has been so cold that we just make it through the egg hunt and hurry home.

I don't know what we are doing to ourselves...after all the candy Evie ate and now a cupcake...there is no way she is eating lunch or taking a nap today.

...but it's worth it to see that beautiful smile

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