Monday, April 13, 2009

Children's Museum Hero's day

We went to Hero's day at the Children's museum. As we entered we were greeted by characters from Star Wars while the museum played Star Wars theme music. At first, Evie was scared of the stormtroopers. When one of them saw that she was scared he took off his mask and shook my hand to show her he was just a guy in a costume. After that she was Miss chatty Kathy.

It was a bit crowded on the main floor so we went to basement where they have a traveling exhibit area. The current theme is "Get Wild", using a fun safari theme. Ethan is having fun being our tour guide.

Upon entering the exhibit, visitors check in at the base camp tent, where they can pick up their supplies including safari hats, backpacks, and binoculars. They also have dozens of child-size animals. It is a cute exhibit.

Don't forget to write...

And of course Ethan wants to go too.

Our little lion tamer...

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, would have been proud.

Getting up close and personal with the stormtroopers and R2-D2
Evie enjoys using the stencils in the arts and crafts area

She also loves face painting...

...and making silly faces in the mirror

Ethan is into playing with Thomas the Train.

We peaked into the grocery store and it was bit hectic so we kept moving. It looks like the stockers need to work overtime tonight.

Saying goodnight and thank you to some of our hero's of the evening.

Evie loves offering cupcakes to museum guests. She offered one to a guy and when he went to grab one she said "no, not until you finish your dinner" I guess maybe she has heard that once or twice...
Ethan has to do what ever his big sister does. Surprisingly the cupcakes stay in at that angle....

Ethan spotted Daddy below but couldn't figure out how to get to him

Our little chef for the evening...

And waitress too...

Bon Appetit

Looks like Ethan's pizza is just about done
Our last stop is the VET. Evie is giving her kitty a bath in the sink.

Ethan enjoyed taking (dragging) his puppy for a walk

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