Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ager Indoor Playground

Evie woke up this morning in such a sweet mood. She just sat down at the table and asked for her breakfast. She has only been awake for a few minutes but I had the camera handy because I was taking a picture of Ethan...

I was taking a picture of Ethan because finally his eye isn't goopy. I can't remember the last time it wasn't goopy. Too bad I can't say the same about his nose. Sorry, I know it looks gross. I don't know how he can even breathe.
Ethan took a short afternoon nap yesterday and was exhausted by 5:30pm so I put him down for a nap but when I went to check on him at 7:00pm he was totally out. I just let him be thinking he might just need the sleep and might make it until morning. I was wrong. He was up from 1:00-2:00am chatting and crying off and on and then he was up at 5:00am for the day, ouch. He woke up with this gross crusty nose. He has been working hard on his new teeth but he also has a little cold. (Yes he is still in his clothes from the day before and yes it's still dark outside). I don't know how he can be so bright eyed and awake at 5:00am...why doesn't he know that is too early?

We met my brother Jeremy and sister Mandy at the Ager Indoor Playground after Ethan's morning nap. Here is Isaiah having fun playing in the balls.

Ethan is having fun for the few minutes he was playing in the balls. He was just in the mood to be held today.

This is a little friend Evie made the minute we walked in the door. They played really well together.
Feel free to sing along...Bumpin' up and down in my little red wagon, Bumpin' up and down in my little red wagon, Bumpin' up and down in my little red wagon, Havin' so much fun.

Well maybe not all of us are having fun. Poor guy has a few new teeth coming

Noah is having a good time. Ethan however is still bumming.

Evie and Isaiah

Isaiah driving his own car

Mandy, gettin-er done...

Victory for Evie

Claudia is giving Grace a push. I think Grace enjoyed her ride. I certainly enjoyed watching them have fun.

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  1. Boy, those are some cute kids! I'm a little biased on two of them because I made them. It's fun to see what was happening while I was gone! :)