Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Antelope Park

We had a play date at Antelope park with my brother Jeremy and sister Laurie.

Ethan loved going down the slide. It's a good one with a long landing so he lands on his feet. Some of the slides are so fast they shoot the kids off and they are on their bottoms before they know it.

Evie's cousins just arrived and it's an instant party. My brother and sister each have four kids.

Just hanging around...

Gabriel, the one pushing, is the oldest of Evie's cousins. He is only eight and already a true gentleman. He's strong too. He was really giving the kids a good ride on the swing.
A few of Evie's cousins. They really get along so well. They are so proud of each other too. Maddie and Morgan were saying how they taught their brother Noah how to pump so he can swing by himself. He of course was proud to be swinging by himself.
Ethan is hanging out in the castle with his cousin Isaiah, my brothers youngest.
Evie and her cousin Clare, my sister's second oldest.
Clare, just monkeying around.
Gabriel, my sister's oldest. He is such a good climber. He's not afraid either.
We were having a little fun with Isaiah and Static electricity. Jeremy kept sending him up and down the slide giving us a laugh...Isaiah didn't seem to mind.
Ethan, just chilling out. The balance bar was just the right height for him to straddle and sit down on.
Maddie, Ethan and Isaiah on the balance bar.
Anderson and Evie were busy studying someones chalk drawing...and the dirt between the rubber tiles. You should have seen Evie's hands and nails when we got home.
The afternoon was so nice I decided to build this little picnic table for the kids while they played outside. I didn't get much done at first, my little helpers were helping just a little too much. I finally surrendered and decided to finish it when Ethan took his nap.
Evie had fun tearing apart the packing Styrofoam (and making a huge mess for me to clean up) She couldn't figure out how it kept sticking to her. It was cute to watch her try to wipe it just wouldn't go anywhere.

Ethan busied himself taking the bolts out of the box and then putting them all back in again.

Evie, I mean Snow White was pretending this was her coffin of glass like in the movie. Sometimes I am blown away at the differences between Ethan and Evie or boy/girl. As soon as I opened the box Evie took the lid and pretended to be Snow White while Ethan grabbed the tools and screws and instantly started banging.
We finished the table when Ethan took his nap. The Styrofoam was everywhere, including Evie's hair, but she was having fun.

Evie makes me laugh - I was busy screwing down the top of the table down so my head was down. When I looked up Evie was standing there asking me if I was hungry, that Ariel brought me a piece of cottage cheese.

Thanks to Ethan taking a good nap I actually finished a project I started in the same felt good.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Evie must be an actress in the making. She's always pretending princess stuff like that! I love it!