Monday, May 23, 2011

The SC Boardwalk

Evie has been asking if we can go back to the boardwalk since we met Nic and baby Ewan there a few weeks ago. I let them get dippin dots for a treat when we went and I was sure they just wanted to go back because they assumed they would get them again. They loved the rides, the people watching, the bustling energy of the place and of course they remembered the dippin dots. :)

So when I went to the boardwalk with the kids when Nic was here they rode this ride with out me. Not even a question from the staff member. She just loaded them up and away they went. Well, today I was told I had to go with them because they were too small to go on their own. This is my least favorite kind of just goes in circles forward and backward and made me feel nauseous for hours after we got off. The kids loved it of course.

The kids were so cute on this race track ride. The car would go slow on the straights and whip the kids around the corners of the track. Here they are, mellow in the straights....

And here they are loving life as the car whipped them around the corner...

We didn't know that there would be a concert by James Durbin from American Idol. The band was doing their sound check and the beach was crowded with gobs of fans so we thought the concert was close and we might get to hear James sing but we found out that the concert was still two hours away and none of us had it in us to wait.

Instead we got dippin dots and had a nice break watching the carousel. I think Joel and I may have even taken a small nap with our eyes open.

And our last ride before heading home.

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