Monday, May 9, 2011

Moss Landing

We went to moss landing near Monterey with the intention of renting a kayak but we found out that kids had to be at least five years old. Evie said we can just leave Ethan in the van. I guess they do a family day where kids under five can go but only on Sunday's. We had a great time walking around the beach and exploring none the less. Ethan is watching the otters swim.

The water was a bit rough so the waves were pretty with whitecaps.

Just chilling. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

The otters sunbathing
A dock of Sea Lions - they were soooo loud and smelly but fantastic to watch

The kids liked the Sea Lions. Even though we were behind a railing the kids would jumped back when one dove into the water.


  1. Wow, Evie looks like such a big girl!!! I was just thinking the other day that Grace and Ethan are the age when I first met your sweet little girl. I used to think that Grace would never be that big or talkative!!!!

  2. Sarah, the time seems to have gone by quickly. Our little ones are getting so big now. Ethan is a (more) rough and tumble dude now. We are looking forward to seeing you next month.