Friday, May 20, 2011

Kyra's birthday party

Since the kids started school we have been to 6 birthday parties. It has actually been a lot of fun seeing the kids outside of the school setting and meeting other parents. We have also seen a lot of fun new places to bring the kids back to. We went to a princes party at a park where a real Cinderella sang and told her story. Evie was of course in heaven. We have also been to swim and gymnastic parties, etc. Both kids have been able to go to all the parties except this one. It wasn't really the kind of party to bring Ethan to and it was fun to have some time with just Evie. This party was at Wix. We made candles and soaps. It was a fun idea for a party and a great time with Evie. Evie of course loved Kyra's cake too.

Evie and the little girls from her pre-K class listening to the directions on how to make the candles.

After the girls chopped up the wax they chose they put it into these molds. The instructor put hot wax and a sent in the molds. The kids gathered around to watch. It was pretty cool.

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