Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Natural Bridges State Park

Here are a few pictures from Natural Bridges State Park. It was a very very very windy day and the wind was cold coming off the water but the kids ran until they were tired and didn't mind getting wet or being windblown.

The kids are like little puppies when you let them out of the car they just run in circles like they have been trapped.

Joel and Evie are watching the seal and surfers just past the rocks.

The natural bridge at Natural Bridges State Park...

The rock formations were interesting. Some rough and some smooth. This one was a perfect stair step for the kids to climb and a smooth slide for them to go down.

The kids had fun running in the shallow drainage water. We assumed it was warm water since it was shallow and since the kids didn't mind getting soaked but it was freezing. At least the same temp as the ocean water.

The kids were playing in the shallow water just to the right of Joel in this picture. It was a nice chance for us to chill.

We found some tide pools that had a lot of interesting marine life. Joel is feeding a sea anemone a muscle he broke open.

Joel found the kids a huge starfish

We took a different path back to our car. The kids stopped to watch this big swan in a pond. The swan actually quickly swam to the side and started walking towards the kids. It was viscous and huge. I think it could have eaten Ethan for lunch. It was as big as he was. We obviously kept moving. We are used to feeding the geese in NE and CO so the kids were interested and not afraid when he came out of the water...and then he stretched his neck and opened his wings and he was HUGE. The biggest one I have ever seen - I bet he was at least 50 pounds.


  1. Evie looks so tall in some of the pictures. My grandbabies are all growing up so fast. I love the different rock formations. What got washed away to form what is left behind. We've seen some pretty amazing formations on some of our trips.

  2. How cool is that!? I'm going to flatter myself here and guess that you posted all the rock pictures for me? ;) Seriously, though, that's why I love rocks. They're so cool; not as boring as people may think. We'll have to go fossil hunting at Schramm Park when you get back. But I digress....