Sunday, April 24, 2011

The kids' first field trip

The kids had their first field trip with Good Shepherd school to the Children's Museum in Monterey. We arrived a bit early so we had time for a treat at the bakery across the street.

Evie and Ethan's class listening to instruction before being let loose...

Ethan and his buddy Ethan. They both started school on the same day and their birthday's are only one day apart. Mrs. Sue said they are best buds and that they are glued at the hip at school.

Who can resist being in a huge bubble.

The museum was nice but surprisingly about half the size of the Lincoln museum, maybe smaller. The kids had a fun time with their classmates and it was fun for me to see who their buddies are and meet some of the parents too.

We stayed at the museum for a few hours and after lunch with their class we walked down the street a few blocks to the Dennis the Menace park we heard a lot about.

This was the water fountain. I'm not sure the kids weren't even thirsty...I think they just had fun drinking from a lion's mouth.

Denis the Menace with my two menaces...

After the park we walked across the street to have a snack on the beach before heading back to Santa Cruz.
The sea lions were active and really close to the shore. The kids enjoyed watching them.

On our way home we stopped at a fruit/veggie stand to pick up some fresh goodies. It's hard not to be spoiled by all the fresh produce.

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