Saturday, April 16, 2011

First day of Good Shepherd School

The kids start at their new school today - Good Shepherd Catholic School. My mom took almost all of the photos from this post and the past few posts. Thanks mom for always taking so many great photos.

Ethan's teacher, Mrs. Sue and the class welcome Ethan. Ethan was shy for the first few minutes but warmed up okay. Randomly there was another Ethan starting today as well and their birthdays are only a day apart. They are good buddies now and are glued at the hip every time I see them.
My mom caught Evie mid-dance. She took this when we picked Evie up from school. Obviously she had no trouble adjusting.

Good Shepherd School.
We met daddy for lunch and took a tour of X-Fusion

Ethan is patiently waiting for dessert

My dad, Joel and Ethan standing in front of X-Fusion

The back warehouse, bike repair/warranty and shipping area

Where daddy tries to get his work done.

So Evie gave herself a haircut for some crazy reason. Anyway, we needed to visit a salon to tidy up her new cut. Evie liked having her hair washed.

Ethan got a trim also. He sat so still and looked so handsome.

Evie liked looking at herself in the mirror.

After baths it was sweet to see my mom brushing Evie's hair...

And then Ethan thought it would be nice to brush grandma's hair. Poor grandma, he's not so gentle.

We love grandma and grandpa.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your school and your new lunchboxes. Grandpa and I are home and miss you bunches and bunches.

  2. I love the Ethan-Ethan thing. In Madeleine's class, there is also a Madelyn and a Madeline. It's amusing to hear the other kids refer to ours as Madeleine P----r, even when the other two aren't present. :)