Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trip to the Omaha Zoo

We went to the Omaha Zoo with Evie and Ethan's cousin Claudia. Evie and Claudia were so cute and goofy together. It was a great time. It was a bit cold outside but a perfect day for all of the indoor attractions. Not a lot of people there also, so it was nice to just let the kids run free a bit.

The ice outside was dripping from a waterfall in a Gorilla habitat. It was in this neat pattern. Each piece hanging down was the size of an arm.

This mama Gorilla was holding her baby. Pretty cute.

Evie found this rock that looked like a pillow...just perfect for taking a nap.

This was maybe the craziest insect I have ever seen. It looked like leaves and sticks.

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  1. Maybe grandma will have to meet you at the zoo some time. I love the Rain Forest.