Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Evie's 5th Birthday

Evie asked for a Ninja birthday party this year after a friend of hers wore his karate costume to school for Halloween. We happened upon a ninja costume on sale after Halloween. She has been working on her karate chop moves on Ethan. Ethan wants a Pirate birthday party so he gets even with his sword. Evie is excited. She is moments away from her cousins arriving.

We also are lucky to celebrate my mom's birthday with Evie since they are only a few days apart. Something special I hope she will always remember. Grandma turns 60 this year - you'd never know it though. She has more energy than the grandkids.

Dinner time. Just a few of the cousins - I love that the family has so much fun together.

Happy Birthday to the most amazing mother!

Jack and Evie
Most of the kids dressed up, which was fun. Emma is sporting knives in her hair.

Finally, it's time to open presents. Evie picked the one from grandma and grandpa to open first.

Aubrey and Jeremy

Louis, Laurie and my dad

Mom opening dad's gift. A pretty cross necklace.

Ethan and his buddy Joe.


Clare sang a special happy birthday song to grandma and Evie

Mom and dad have a fun tradition of getting the grandkids matching jammies. It's always a fun picture.

Evie wanted a dragon cake and we ordered mom a fortune cookie for her cake.

Isn't that cute...all those matching jammies. The kids were sitting around the bowl of fortune cookies waiting for their cake.

Happy Birthday Evie.

Happy Birthday Grandma

Maddie is holding up the message from the fortune cookie. Happy Birthday Grandma Potter. We love you so much.
Grandma and Joel
Aubrey and sweet little Maria

Grandma is helping the kids get their new farm out of the box. Thanks mom and dad, the kids love it.

Evie, Claudia, Ethan and Emma

And a little party favor to take with at the end of the night. I'm so grateful to be around family and that the kids are such good friends with their cousins. It was a fun time.

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  1. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful birhtday party. It is fun to share it with Evie and to have everyone there.