Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday morning

The kids got to serve donuts at mass today and represent their school, Good Shepherd. They thought it was cool to wear their uniforms to church. I was proud of both of them. I was intimidated at first because I was solo with Joel still in France but the kids did amazing. Ethan stayed right there, anxiously waiting for his own donut and Evie was perfectly helpful handing out napkins and making small talk with the guests. When the first people came out of church she said "here come customers".

After mass we went for pancakes. Both kids were saying how starving they were which I found hard to believe since we ate breakfast before mass and they each had a donut but they were right. They cleared their plates and then some of mine. They each got balloons to take with them.

"mom, look...I have a holder for my sword"

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