Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evie's portrait

We met Joel's friend Dew in San Jose this weekend. He's there as a percussionist for the band Chicago. I think Joel travels a lot and then finding out Drew is gone half the year doesn't seem acceptable. At least he loves what he does. He just came off a three year tour with the Foo Fighters. On our way to lunch Evie spotted this artist drawing portraits and quickly started a conversation with him about wanting to be an artist also and told him she was in art classes. He was a sweet man. He offered to draw her portrait after lunch.

Evie would sit absolutely still and then jump up and look at his work and give him the thumbs up and then sit back down. He got a kick out of her.

Ethan, Joel and Dew went to the Tesla car showroom a few doors down. When they got back Ethan had to get in his words too.

Evie admired her picture all the way home.

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