Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We went to Adventureland with the Tabors and Finders while we were in NE. It is an annual trip with the rest of my family but it was hard to coordinate timing this year. Hopefully we can all go next summer. It was a great time but we were missing the rest of the family.

Delphina and Claudia got to spend the night in our hotel room. Finally, the slumber party we have wanted to do for a long time now.

We had time for a quick swim in the morning before breakfast and heading to Adventureland park.

Mandy and the gang on the trolley to the park

And let the fun begin....

Ethan wasn't too sure of the frog hopper but he liked it in the end. We missed Grandma Potter - she did this ride with the kids time after time after time and never tired. She was super-trooper.

Evie and Claudia obviously LOVED it!

Jack and Joe
The girls; Evie, Delphina, Claudia and Emma

Bob and Mandy

Ethan did a few rides solo while Evie and Claudia went on a few roller coasters with Mandy and Delphina. They were only an inch above the height requirement to go. They did the huge roller coasters that would frighten adults. They even did one that went upside down and around in loops. I still can't believe it! They seem to small for that kind of adventure.

We had about an hour to visit the water park before we headed back to Lincoln. It was a great time but I needed an extra set of eyes. The kids could disappear so quickly. Up these stairs and down a number of slides. It was great to have Mandy there. We got our system figured out to have one of us at the top of a slide and the other at the bottom. We both were able to settle down after that.

Ethan, Claudia and Evie were warming their bodies on the hot pavement

Good times! We said goodbye to the Finders and Tabors before they headed back to Lincoln. We stayed about 15 more minutes so the kids could check out the splash area.

Evie in the splash area.

We got changed up and started to head out of the park. Ethan was asleep as soon as he hit the stroller. It was a long fun day of play.

Evie in the entrance/exit of the park. Goodbye Adventureland, until next summer.

Our sunset was amazing all the way home.

Evie said she was starving so we stopped for gas and McDonalds at NE Crossing. I didn't realize she had fallen asleep until we got home and I opened her door. She didn't make it very far with her burger. Tired little chickie. If only we could play that hard everyday.

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