Saturday, June 4, 2011

Skate park

We got Evie a scooter two weeks ago and little did I know that it would quickly become Ethan's favorite thing to do. Evie was so great about sharing hers and would ride her bike so he could have her scooter. Anyway, we just got Ethan his own and the two of them love going together. We scootered to dinner and lunch this week. It has been a lot of fun. Ethan and I get about a half hour at the skate park while Evie is in her art class.

Ethan plays hard and then he takes a break to watch the big kids.

This was his favorite thing to do yesterday. Go up one side and down the other of this ramp. He was good around the other kids. He would hold his own line and they would skateboard right next to him. It was fun to see him so happy. He was a good boy when we left too. Evie's class is an hour but it only gives us about a half hour at the park by the time we drop off and get there, etc. I know he'd love to stay longer but he just says 'okay mom' and scooters to the truck. It melts my heart. He really is a good boy.

VIDEO: Ethan at the skate park yesterday.

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