Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Joel - on his way to CA

We pretty much packed the sprinter van front to back. . We are still surprised with how much stuff the van held. We originally thought we would need a small U-Haul trailer to tow behind the truck my parents will drive to CA in a few weeks but it's not necessary after packing everything in to the sprinter.

Ethan and Evie got a ride around the block from daddy before he started his trip to CA.

The kids giving daddy one last hug before he left. It was a rough good bye. The kids ran down the sidewalk crying for daddy. I have a feeling with everything that needs to happen before the kids and I go at the end of the month, these next three weeks will go by quickly.

The kids (our little monkeys) crawled all around the van as we were packing. I came into the garage to find them sitting on the forks of one of the bikes hanging.

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  1. Joel doesn't look too excited about leaving. We love you Joel and miss you already.