Thursday, November 18, 2010

Claudia's 5th birthday party

Hard to believe Claudia is turning 5 years old. She and Evie are only a few weeks apart. Mandy had her birthday party at Solid Rock Gym. Claudia is taking gymnastics classes there. They also have a few hour window on Friday mornings during the school year that is open to the public so Joel takes the kids on occasion. The kids love jumping into big foam pits, doing the zip line and bouncing non stop for hours.

Ethan swinging and dropping into a foam pit.

balancing on a beam and jumping into a foam pit

And there is fun for adults too..

Ethan and Joe Finder. Joe takes such good care of Ethan. They are cute little buddies.

The kids gathered before cake time - it was cute to see Ethan and Joe snuggling up

Cheese. So this group of kids are only Claudia's cousins and maybe someday step-brothers and sister. It was quite the party.

All of these cousins waiting for cake and ice cream...the birthday girl is all the way at the end of the table

Happy 5th birthday Claudia - thanks for the fun party

Mandy, Bob, Joel, Hunter and yummy cake

Clare and her missing two front teeth

After cake and presents the kids got to play for a few more minutes.

We sang happy birthday to Claudia as she zip lined while everyone threw foam blocks at her...then everyone jumped into the foam pit below. Wish we had one of these at home.

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